Frequently Asked Questions

About Lendify loans

Who is Lendify?
Lendify Financial LLC (“Lendify”) is a licensed lender that offers personal loans that can help you build your credit in the United States.
How much can you borrow?
Lendify loans range from $300 up to $2,500. These loans have clear terms and fixed, affordable payments, and do not require credit history, collateral, or cosigner.

About the application process

Who can apply?
You must be at least 18 years old, live in a state where Lendify loans are offered, have a stable source of verifiable income, and meet our other criteria for credit at the time of application.
What is the application process?
Here are the main steps:
  1. Get pre-approved. It usually just takes a few minutes.
  2. Submit personal references and upload required documents.
  3. If you are approved for a loan, sign your loan documents and get your funds!
What documents do you need to apply?
You need a government-issued photo I.D., proof of address, and proof of income.
What will Lendify ask my references?
Lendify confirms that the reference knows the applicant and asks questions about the applicant’s creditworthiness. Lendify may also contact references for collection purposes.
When will you know if you are approved for the loan?
Once Lendify has received all the required documents, they will let you know in approximately 24 hours if you are approved.
If approved, how will you get the money from your loan?
Lendify offers multiple loan payout options, including electronic transfer to your bank account and cash in-store at designated locations. The exact loan payout options available to you depend on a number of factors and will be presented to you after you have been approved for a loan.

About paying back your loans

How much do Lendify loans cost?
To get an idea of the cost of Lendify loans, please refer to the sample loan terms provided on the main page. These terms vary from state to state and serve only as examples. The actual cost of your loan will depend on your specific payment schedule. For example, you may have a loan of a different amount or with a different length to payback, which affects your financing terms.
How do you pay back your loan?
Lendify offers multiple loan payment options, including electronic payments from your bank account and in-store cash payments at designated locations. The exact payment options available to you depend on a number of factors and will be presented to you after you have been approved for a loan. Your payments continue until you have paid off the loan.
Can you repay your loan early?
Yes, and doing so will save you money. You can repay your loan early for any reason you like, such as to reduce the total interest you pay or to enable you to apply for a new loan. There is no early termination fee or prepayment fee. If you make your payments early, you will pay less finance charges.

About your credit score

Does Lendify check my credit score?
Yes, Lendify checks your credit score when you apply for a loan.
Does Lendify report to the credit bureaus?
Yes, Lendify reports the payment history for all its borrowers to at least one major credit bureau. This means that making all your payments on time may help to improve your credit history and score.

For any additional questions, please call Lendify at (866) 281-3054.